Theatrical home


The Facade of the Row home is a combination of geometric forms of varying opacities. This is to reference an old theater that is located across the street. The windows are to represent projections boxes that would be located in the back of a theater.

Floor Plans

The Plan is focus around two courtyards. The home wraps around these courtyards in two different ways. The courtyard in the back acts as the residential entrance into the building and is shared between the two houses. The courtyard located towards south street is for the commercial aspect of the building.

Spacial organization

Instead of the commercial taking over the whole first floor of the building, it is moved down to the basement. There is a courtyard placed in the middle of the commercial area to still allow light in and to create the illusion that you are still at street level. The residential is focused more towards the back of the property, with the living room being located in the front of the house.

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