ramped Museum


This project was located on the corner of Spruce Street and S. 16th Street. A major focus of the project was creating a museum experience that would could be viewed by anyone. The program is all located on the ramp that wraps around the whole site. The ramp defines the inner courtyard. the length of the ramps defines the program and the speed of the experience. The facade is made of a folded surface that wraps from the floor, to the exterior wall, to the roof.


The Main Gallery is located on the primary vertical circulation that snakes around the whole site. There a moments for art to be placed on the walls but also podiums for sculpture and more physical art.



Due to the way the circulation is laid out, there is a large carved out space that forms a courtyard in the middle of the site. This provides indirect light into the gallery and acts as a visual connection between the different floors.


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