Multidisciplinary center


The program of this project was the create a multidisciplinary research center in Arcadia Greece. There are many Greek ruins located all around this site and every year researchers come to the nearby town study the history of the area. They need a dedicated place to research and this is what was created.


The programing is balanced across the site with different levels of privacy. The most public programming is looked closest to the village. The more private programing like the offices and the lab spaces are located in the the back of the site. This site progression ends with  an amphitheater that looks out over the Greek landscape.

massing walls

The Plan is focus around two walls that divide up the site and direct views inward and out to the landscape. All of the programing is focused around these walls, the provide a grounding element to the different programs, connecting things materially together. The wall also has moments where it is carved away to create points of access.